Sea Turtle
Topic(s):   Endangered Animals, Marine Animals, Ocean Life, Reptiles
Quick Facts
Type of Animal reptile
Habitat warm and temperate oceans
Diet jellyfish, seaweed, crabs, shrimp, snails, algae
Migration yes
Life span up to 80 years
Male male
Female female
Baby hatchling
Group bale, nest
Predators of eggs/young sea gulls, people
Predators of adults sharks, people
Endangered yes; loss of habitat, water pollution, people

A sea turtle is a type of turtle that lives in the ocean. Only the female turtle comes out of the ocean. She does this to make a nest for her eggs.

Some animals on the land eat the eggs. Dogs, raccoons, and sea birds eat sea turtle eggs. Predators eat nearly all of the sea turtle eggs. Very few eggs ever hatch.

A male sea turtle and a young female sea turtle stay in the water all the time. A male sea turtle can be yellow, olive green, or black in color.

A sea turtle can grow to be as big as a person. It cannot pull its head into its shell like other turtles and tortoises. A sea turtle uses flippers to swim. A sea turtle cannot pull its flippers in its shell either. It is very fast in the water. On land, a sea turtle is slow because it has flippers. It is dangerous for a sea turtle to be on land.

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