Range (in red) of the bighorn sheep
Range (in red) of the bighorn sheep
A bighorn lamb
A bighorn lamb
A bighorn ewe
A bighorn ewe
A bighorn ram
A bighorn ram
The special hooves of a bighorn sheep
The special hooves of a bighorn sheep
A bighorn sheep walking down a mountain
A bighorn sheep walking down a mountain
A bighorn sheep running
A bighorn sheep running
Bighorn Sheep
Topic(s):   Alpine Animals, Chaparral Animals, Desert Life, Endangered Animals, Lewis & Clark Animals, Mammals, Mountain Animals
Quick Facts
Type of Animal
alpine, chaparral, desert
mountains, hills, rocky slopes
grasses, shrubs
band, flock, or herd
Life Span
15 years (wild)
cougars, bobcats, wolves, grizzly and brown bears, golden eagles
yes, (in California) due to loss of habitat; disease

The bighorn sheep lives in the Rockies of western North America. A male bighorn has spiral horns that grow throughout its life. The horns may weigh up to 45 pounds. The female’s horns are thinner and sweep backwards. The bighorn sheep has a brown wool coat. It sheds its coat once a year. This sheep has very sharp eyesight, hearing, and sense of smell.

Bighorn sheep live in remote, sparse areas. Its special hooves provide a great grip on steep mountainsides.

The bighorn sheep grazes on twigs, grasses, and leaves. When food is hard to find in the winter, it migrates to sheltered valleys.

Bighorn sheep live in groups of up to one hundred. Rams and ewes live apart. Male bighorn sheep have head-butting contests to show strength. A bighorn sheep can run 35 miles an hour. It can jump seven feet in the air. No wonder it is called the king of the mountain.

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