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About Facts 4 Me

Facts4Me exists because one teacher, Sandra K. Morgan, annually searched the web for age-appropriate research sites for her third grade students in Hodgkins, Illinois. Every year Sandy found good informational sites for herself but little for her class. In the spring of 2006, after another unsuccessful hunt for primary level sites for an ocean unit project, Sandy and her business partner, Theresa Fix, IHM (a former teacher), decided to do something about this. Facts4Me was born.

The goal was to create a child-friendly, child-safe site; a site with accurate and interesting information that would stimulate the interests of students in either a school or family setting; a site written on the second or third grade reading and comprehension levels that would appeal to primary, at-risk reading, or ESL students.

Quite rapidly, Facts4Me got a life of its own as teachers from all over the U.S. got on board as writers. The enthusiasm and willingness of the writers only accelerated the energy around this new venture. Within a matter of a few weeks, nearly three dozen teachers were busy writing content pages on their chosen topics. Sandy and Theresa were busy refining their initial map of the site, choosing pictures, creating charts for the subject pages, and communicating with the writers. From the beginning, editing, making pictures web-ready, and the uploading of pictures and content to the site kept Sandy and Theresa completely occupied.

Also present at every step of this venture was Emma Rose Goodpuppy. Among other things, she’s the inspiration for Watson*, our Labramation. Photos of Emma can be seen under the Dog topic, Labrador Retriever. She's the black one. Abigail (Abby) Rose Goodgirl, also a Black Lab, has picked up where Emma left off.

We are very grateful to our amazingly willing and capable writers. Without them and their own detailed research and writing genius, Facts4Me would not be the wonderful educational offering that it is.

*Watson, part Labrador Retriever and part Dalmatian, received her name because our site is "elementary, my dear!"

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